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What is Honest Glass?

Honest Glass is an e-commerce website dedicated to the Glass Art Industry.

This site was created to provide a streamlined shopping experience for individuals that enjoy the sensation of Glass.

It’s not About Us, it’s all about You and the Glass.  Shoppers are presented with a massive inventory of the best functional, and non functional glass art on the planet.

What is Shop Glass?

The site is broken up into Categories and Sub Categories that can be accessed from the Shop Glass Button in the header.

After selecting a Category we encourage you to use our customized filters to focus your search. Some Categories will also have Sub Categories.  These Sub Categories will be listed on the left of your screen.  

You can also just type keywords into the main search bar and get a list of products to view.

How do I sign up as a buyer?

Clicking on the [Menu Button] at the top right of the screen will prompt you to either Login or Join. Click on the Join the Movement link to become a Member.
Do I need to have to be a Member to shop and make a purchase?

No. You can shop and purchase items without having to Join.  Just checkout as a Guest  We strongly recommend you join our community and experience the added features. Joining Honest Glass will allow you to create your own profile, add items to your Wishlist, and Like items.
What info do I need to provide to become a member and what do you do with this info?

We only ask for basic info to create your account.  Honest Glass respects privacy and especially the privacy of our community.  Regardless of whether you join our community, or purchase without signing up, your information remains confidential.
How do I add items to my Wishlist?

This function is for registered users.  On the product images there will be a genie lamp icon that will appear when your cursor is over the image.  If you click on the Genie Bottle  associated with a particular item it will be added to your Wishlist.
How do I reset my Password?

Go to your dashboard by clicking on [Buyer Account Icon] in your header.  Then click “Change Password.”

How do I Deactivate my account?

It’s easy.  Just send us a request by clicking on Contact Us and we will deactivate your account within 24 hours.

What forms of Payment are accepted through Honest Glass?

All major Credit Cards.
How long will it take to Deliver my Shipment?

Your products will be shipped out within 7 days from when you place your order.

What Shipping Companies are used?

UPS, USPS, DHL, and Canada Post.

How do I Track my Shipment?

When your product is shipped you will receive an email with tracking info that will also have a link to the shipping company’s website.  Just enter the tracking number provided into the shipping company’s site and you will be able to track from there.

What is the Cost of Shipping?

All domestic shipping is FREE.  International shipping rates vary. 

What is the Refund Policy?

Automatic refunds are offered if your product has been damaged during shipping or if you have received defective merchandise. Please save all original packing material including the box, and contact us within 24 hours of receipt of shipment. Call us directly at 866-366-2598or email us at admin@honestglass.com. Please use "Return Request" in the subject line. We will provide you with the return authorization and shipping instructions once the return has been approved. Returns and Exchanges for all other reasons will be reviewed on a case by case basis and must be requested within 72 hours of receipt of shipment. To qualify for a Return or Exchange, the original product must be unused and, when applicable, in its original packaging.

How do I check the status of My Orders?

Once you are Signed In, and in your dashboard just click on “Order History.”

How do I use the Filters on the Marketplace Pages?

After you select a Category from the Shop Glass dropdown, you will be taken to a marketplace page for that category. Here you will find the specific Filters for that category at the top of the page.

Using the Filters will help you refine your search to provide you with the exact item you are looking for. Or leave them blank and enjoy virtual window shopping.

These Filters are unique to Honest Glass. Each category has filters specific to that category. As you shop, you will notice that these filters will change as you move from one category to another, and even within a category.

There are also some Sub Categories that will be listed on the left margin that will allow you to target your search.
What do the different sizes indicate throughout the site (10mm, 14mm, 18mm)?

As the Glass industry has evolved, certain parts have become more technical. We have done our best to organize the range of products so that they can be easily accessed. Joints between pieces such as Slides, Stems, Adapters, etc.,  have sizes and measurements used to designate which items correspond with one another. Certain products require a particular size and it is vital to know this size as you shop. There are also Adapters that can be used between items where the sizes do not match.  Please note,  in the case of Adapters and Down Stems we list the Ground Joint first and the Slide Joint second.
What is the definition of Joint Combo?
If you are shopping for Down Stems or Adapters you will see a Filter called Joint Combo.  There will be two numbers listed side by side.  The first number is the size of the Ground Joint and the second number is the size of the Slide Joint.  The Ground Joint is the size of the opening in your piece, and the Slide Joint is the fitting size for your nail, slide, etc.
What is the Gender filter all about?
At HonestGlass we believe that you have a choice in who or what you decide to connect with, but that mindset does not work in the world of Functional Glass.  Males only connect with Females and Females only connect with Males.  So be aware when you are trying to match accessories to your piece and make sure that you get the right gender and size.

Why do songbirds appear, every time, you are near?

Because you are a special person and people genuinely like you.